This was my favorite K. I purchsed in 200o for $12K. It was a really cool car with its original drive train. Unfortunately I sold it in 2004. I saw it go across the Mecum auction in 2013 and the bid got up to $39K but did not meet reserve. Finally it made its way to the Saint Louis Car Museum and was sold. Here is a link to their sales video. By this time it had lost the original intake, carb, and exhaust manifolds. Also the shifter was replaced and the factory AM/FM radio was gone. The bench seat was really cool! The original AM/FM radio had a date code of May 1965. This car was VIN 5F07K730164 with a scheduled build date of May 17 (which is the same build date as my current KGT). This car and my current K are only separated by one entry in the K Code Registry. The car ran very strong and hopefully someone out there is having fun driving her.