This page contains more K code and GT specific information. Here is the VIN stamped on the close ratio 4sd transmission. The transmission was professionally rebuilt by David Kee and shifts great! A restored HiPo fuel pump with the correct date code was provided by Fred Ballard. (Fred provided several hard to find HiPo parts) Here is a close up of the assembly date 5E14T. It running off the bottom edge of the block face. My K code coupe was assembled on the same day and this mark was almost identical. The same date is stamped on the oil pan rail for the maching date. Here is the block date code (5E7) and casting number. Here are the date codes on the heads: 5D28 and 5D27. Here is the date code for the intake: 5C24. Here is the date code on the timing chain cover: April 65. The engine is at change level 7 and has the cover with the 3 ribs at the top and the aluminum water pump. The HiPo water pump has a date code of March 65. Here are the casting numbers and date codes for the exhaust manifolds. Here is the HP grease pen marking on the rear of the block. Here is the new Scott Fuller HiPo Exhaust system. It was a perfect fit and sounds great! Many thanks to Scott! Here are the correct date coded FoMoCo mufflers: March 65 Here is the original stencil markings on the shorter length HiPo drive shaft. They are very faint and was really surprised to find them. The drive shaft had many layers of paint and when I stripped it off to get ready for balancing, they became visible. They seemed to fade even more after a couple of days. There were as two stripes painted near the rear end yoke. No color was visible but you could see that they were there. Here is the disc brake proportioning valve. Date code is 133-5. Also the large disc brake master cylinder. Here is the quick ratio steering box with a date code of 5C31. Here is the reenforcement plate unique to cars with factory dual exhaust. Here is the inductive amp meter wiring that is unique to the 1965 GT. Here are the SC and FoMoCo markings found on the HiPo fan Here are some alternator photos. NOS FoMoCo alternator harness. Alternator is a new unit from Jack Brooks at Dead Nuts On. Original Autolite 4100 4V carb  Yellow top coil with April 65 date code.