Here is the HiPo on the way out of the car. It did not make any real power when I first got the car which was really disappointing. Turns out that maybe in early 80’s it went through a rebuild and someone decided to replace the cam with a factory ford cam from a 260 and 2V low compression pistons. Oldly enough they left the solid lifters. Its a little faint but here is the VIN stamped on the block. The good news was that the crank, rods and thick main caps were still there! Here is one of the rods with the ⅜” bolts and thicker rod cap. Here is the short block assembly. Upgraded the pistons to Wiesco Forged pistons. Part # PTS500A This will  yeild a compression ratio of about 9.75 with the deck at 8.196 and chamber volume of 50cc. Rotating assembly was balanced with the hipo flywheel and balancer. Here is the flywheel with the correct brinell marking and orange paint daub. The original harmonic balancer was indexed and rebuilt by Dale Manufacturing. NOS timing chain and new gears with the front counter weight. A new camshaft was gound to factory specifications by Larry Wallace at Holman and Moody (HM #406). Solid lifters were provided by Johnson. Here is the cam card with specs. The heads were fitted with new Ferrea 6000 series stainless steel valves. 1.90” intake and 1.60 exhaust. New Engle springs set to proper open and closing pressures. Here is the fully assembled long block. Machine work, blueprinting and final assembly were performed by Dave McIntosh at McIntosh Performance in Cumming, Ga.